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7 Amazing Health Benefits of Doing Yoga
Posted By:  Stephanie CoreStrong
Monday, June 18, 2018

There are in reality more than just seven benefits of joining a yoga class and releasing all the negative energy inside you. There are in fact so many physical and psychological benefits of doing yoga that one can fill books writing about them. However, out of the plethora of health benefits of doing yoga, here are seven of the most basic and important ones that should get you interested in this ancient practice.

1 - Flexibility

Have you recently noticed that your body has become more rigid and is losing its flexibility? What you need is a properly instructed yoga class in order to stretch your muscles and boost the range of motion in your joints. By regularly practicing asanas and yoga poses, you can also get rid of the lactic acid build up that is certainly the most common reason why you experience aches and pains early in the morning.

2 - Posture

One of the best things these yoga classes make you do is perfecting your posture. No more slouching. By practicing various sitting and standing yoga asanas you’ll have an excellent posture that would help you stand tall. What yoga does is that it makes you use your abdominal muscles to maintain a pose. By doing this you end up strengthening your core significantly. And it helps you get rid of slouching.

3 - Breathing

If you’ve experienced that you run out of breath almost instantly while you’re running or lifting heavy weights then yoga can help you. Yoga requires the use of deep and attentive breathing which strengthens your lung capacity and as well as your stamina. That’s why yoga is an excellent option for those athletes who want to increase their athletic performance. If you’re a running enthusiast, there’s no better option than doing yoga in order to enhance your potential.

4 - Low Stress Level

Yoga classes introduce you to a sense of calmness which is something all of us require in our hectic and grueling everyday lives. Yoga involves various meditation techniques that can put the voices in your head to mute for a while. All the noises in your mind that cause stress and anxiety are put to rest. Deep breathing is also used to clear your mind and focus on your breathing patterns. This results in a sense of serenity and calmness.

5 - Heart Health

Yoga can slow down the rate of your heart. This is a great benefit for all those people who suffer with blood pressure issues and other cardiac diseases.

6 - Enhances Memory

It’s strange that yoga that involves stretching and breathing can actually enhance your memory and cognitive functioning. Actually it’s because of meditation that’s involved in yoga that helps you improve your memory capacity and increase your mind’s retention span.

7 - Maintain Weight

An hour that you spend in a yoga class doing power yoga would burn as many calories in your body as it’s only possible by doing a high intensity workout in the gym. Yoga has its own way of normalizing your weight by restoring the hormonal balance in your body.

Yoga is not just about stretching. It’s about creating a balance in your body by gaining strength and flexibility which ultimately helps you in finding your inner peace. Here at CoreStrong, we have professional instructors that are more than willing to make you start your own yoga journey that will truly reinvigorate your life.


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