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7 Benefits of Massage Therapy
Posted By:  Stephanie CoreStrong
Tuesday, March 20, 2018

According to an estimate, massage therapy in U.S alone generates more than $12 billion annually. This does not come as a surprise since massage therapy not only helps in improving blood flow and soothing sore muscles, but also acts as a stress reliever.

Today, therapists use different kinds of techniques to help people with health problems such as anxiety, arthritis and fibromyalgia. Surprised? We’ve compiled a list of major benefits of massage therapy to show you why it is so popular among both men and women.

1. Relaxation

A stressed and tensed body produces stress hormones which can have adverse effect on health, causing problems such as headaches, sleeplessness and weight gain. Massage therapy decrease levels of stress hormones in the human body. This allows the body to recover.

2. Lowering Blood Pressure

Studies reveal that massage therapies are able to lower blood pressure levels. In fact, in one study, women with prehypertension were given a Swedish massage as a treatment to reduce blood pressure. The effects were remarkable as a 12 mm Hg drop was observed in the systolic blood pressure of these women after the session was complete and the effects of low blood pressure remained for seventy-two hours.

3. Breaking Lower Back Pain

Massage therapy has been found to be beneficial for treating chronic and acute lower-back pain. Some evidence reveals that acupressure (acupuncture massage) works even better than Swedish/classic massage in treating lower back pain.

4. Eases Muscle Pain

Are sore muscles an issue for you? If yes then massage therapy is there to provide relieve. Massages improve and increase blood circulation. Just like quickly rubbing your knee when you fall down helps in relieving the pain, gentle hands of the therapist on your sore muscles ease muscle pain.

5. Helps in Improving Posture

Many people experience muscle, neck and back pain due to different reasons. However, one major cause of this pain is poor posture. Massage therapy helps getting the body into proper alignment. With massage, the muscles that have become sore or tensed because of bad posture loosen up. Moreover, massage also relieves pressure movements and increases flexibility of the joints. As a result, the original health posture of the body is restored.

6. Boost Your Mood

This is an obvious benefit of massage therapy as everyone feels a lot better after the therapist is done with the massage. And it sometimes works well for those who struggle with depression. Research demonstrates that sessions of massage therapy significantly reduce depressive symptoms. Researchers say that more studies can reveal which kinds of massage work best for reducing depression.

7. Reduce Anxiety

Those with anxiety disorder can also benefit from massage therapy. In one research, Swedish massage therapy was administered to patients with anxiety disorder. After 6 weeks of therapy, their anxiety levels were found to have decreased significantly.

You don’t want to miss out on all these benefits of massage therapy, right? Come to CoreStrong for massage therapy and we guarantee you’ll come away from a massage feeling more relaxed, rested and ready for whatever is next.


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