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Benefits of Being a Fitness Freak
Posted By:  Stephanie CoreStrong
Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Physical inactivity is one of the leading causes of some of the most life threatening diseases that develop in humans. Exercise and healthy eating are two of the most vital components of a properly functioning body. Think of a human body as vehicle: it requires continuous service and maintenance to ensure effective functioning. If left stationary for prolonged periods of time vehicles start to accumulate dust and rust much like a human body starts to collect fat and diseases.

If this is still not motivation enough to get you out of the couch, let us try some positive re-enforcements by emphasizing a few benefits of exercise.

It lowers the risk of diseases

Study after study has shown substantial decrease in cases of chronic diseases with exercise. A healthy round of even normal exercises like brisk walk or jogging can reduce the risk of respiratory and cardiac diseases by 30% - 50%. A gym workout session increases this value even further.

One of the highest contributors to diseases is fat and obesity. It is no secret that sitting idle is one of the main reasons why fat accumulates on the body. The thing with fat is that it accumulates everywhere, i.e. inside primary veins and arteries blocking normal blood flow, on vital organs like the heart reducing their effectiveness. Hence, regular exercise is one of the most effective ways to keep your health in check and body in top shape.

Mental satisfaction

Regular exercise is vital when it comes to matters of the mind as well. Experts suggest exercise as a cure for many psychological problems like stress, anxiety and depression. Numerous researches have been conducted to ascertain what impact exercise has on multiple matters of the mind and all have been found to show positive results. Even something as minimal as a person’s everyday mood can be improved by regular exercise. One such study published in the Stress Journal compared moods of men who exercise and those who stopped. The men that stopped exercising showed significant increase in bad moods.

Maintenance of overall body processes

Different every day functions of the body are boosted significantly through regular exercise. It replenishes energy levels, restores sleep balance, reduces sensations of pain etc. Making exercise a part of one’s daily routine can bring about a revolution in the body.

How to go about it?

Physical activity doesn’t necessary imply rigorous military style training drills. If you’re a beginner you can take it slow by beginning with brisk walks, then going onto jogging and progressing as you deem fit. Remember: “slow and steady wins the race.”

Exercise is an integral way to maintain a human body. It significantly lowers risk of life threatening diseases, gives you mental satisfactions and keeps the body well oiled and functioning effectively. If exercise is not part of your daily routine yet, now is a good time to begin, with small steps nonetheless.


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