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Common Workouts for the Perfect Beach Body
Posted By:  Stephanie CoreStrong
Wednesday, May 30, 2018

With summer on the horizon, you are probably all set to head to the beach and have your beach wear ready. You wear beachwear that always fits perfectly, but this time it doesn’t. You find that you have gained some extra pounds over the winter and have a little paunch that’s making you conscious in your shorts. To help you get your beach body back and make people envy your perfect physique, below are the most common workouts for the job.

1. Reverse Crunch

The exercise targets the lower abdomen and helps you burn off the excess fat in the lower area of your core. It also works on the deep muscles about the waist which is commonly known as the transverse abdominal region. The best feature of this workout routine is that it liberates some burden of your hip flexors and lets your muscles expand.

Reverse crunch is also categorized as one of the most difficult workouts but as it includes performing several high power routines such as sit-ups and crunches continuously for a long time, it helps in improving posture and relaxing back muscles.

To do the reverse crunch workout, you must lie down with your back on the floor while having your arms fixed to a heavy dumbbell overhead. The distance should be maintained at head width measures. You can then lift your legs off the floor by using your heels and move them towards your butt. Then bring your hips near to your chest circling the lower back after which you must slowly go back to the initial posture.

For the most effective results, it is recommended to workout at least 3 sets of 10-12 reps.

2. High Tension Plank

The plank is the most widespread core workout, ever. The exercise can be done to work on your mid-core and can also be used as a part of a routine warm-up session. The high tension plank workout can even be performed between sets of strength exercises such as rows and squats.

To perform the workout, you have to get down on all fours and support your entire body on your forearms. Place your palms in a way that they face the roof with your thumbs pinned to the ground as you form a straight line all the way from head to toes.

It should be noted that one has to brace their entire core firmly as if they were about to get kicked in it. This increases the pressure exerted through the workout making it more effective. The high tension plank workout squeezes your quads and glutes which strengthen your knees and protect them sagging.

The above exercises are two of the most commonly performed core workouts which help in strengthening core strength. These exercises also are the best way to get a perfect beach body for all your upcoming beach trips. For those wanting to get in shape, can contact CoreStrong.


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